Parents are a child's first educators. Building a firm partnership between parents and nursery staff is a vital component in creating an atmosphere of mutual respect in which children feel comfortable and thrive both educationally and emotionally. We aim to build this partnership by listening to parents' and addressing their children's needs in a positive and supportive manner.

At Highfield we feel that parents are an important source of information when planning learning opportunities for children within the nursery setting. Effective communication with parents will also help extend a child's learning beyond the nursery into his/her home environment.

We hope that adhering to these principles will provide a secure footing from which all our children will grow into well-adjusted, positive individuals.


"My daughter loves Highfield, from the first day she's been full of chat and enthusiasm when she comes home, about what she's been up to that day. The children have a great learning platform and there are some great additions like Action tots and Sports. The rooms are bright and full of fun things to do its perfect. I'm so happy we found Highfield, my daughter settled in very quickly thanks to the excellent team, I couldn't recommend it highly enough."

 ​"Staff kind, caring and friendly. My daughter always looks forward to going to nursery and comes out extremely happy!" 

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